Instagram Debuts New Web Profiles

By Lippe Taylor / Posted on 07 November 2012

Today’s post comes from Cami Clarkson, Digital Marketing Account Coordinator at Lippe Taylor.

Two years after launch and with over 100 million users, the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, has finally launched web profiles to accompany its mobile counterpart.

These web profiles are being rolled out within the next week and will display recently shared photographs, along with a user’s profile photo and bio. Interestingly enough, the profiles bear a striking resemblance to Facebook Timeline.

On the new web pages, a collection of photos populate a large, panoramic space – much like a Facebook cover photo – and a small profile photo and basic profile stats are located beneath. Photos are expandable, allowing followers to view pictures in a larger, 6×6-inch format. The web profiles will provide a quick snapshot of a user’s interests and make it easier to share photos and discover new users. While users will not be able to upload photos to their accounts from the web, they can follow others and interact with photos via comments and likes.

While striking, the resemblance of these web profiles to Facebook is not entirely surprising, given Facebook acquired Instagram last September. However, this may hint at further integration of the two platforms in the future.

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