16 Handles Launches Snapchat Promotion

By Lippe Taylor / Posted on 03 January 2013

Today’s post comes from Blair Kalichman, Digital Marketing Intern at Lippe Taylor.

The latest craze in social media—Snapchat—may no longer be just a platform for self-deleting, self-portraits. The application, created in 2012, that allows users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send their messages to a controlled list of recipients was seemingly untouched by digital marketers – until now.

In what may be a first for the platform, the popular New York frozen yogurt chain, 16 Handles, has taken the opportunity to experiment with Snapchat. To participate, consumers snap a picture with their friends at a ‘16 Handles’ location and send the picture to the chain’s Snapchat username, Love16Handles, to receive a coupon. Here’s the catch – the coupon only lasts for 10 seconds.  Can the cashier scan it in time?

While the standard paper or even email promotion may have done the trick, Jarrod Walpert, director of marketing for 16 Handles defends their choice as a “litmus test,” seeing as their core consumers are avid users of the app.

Today, Snapchat users send about 50 million ‘snaps’ per day. It’s no surprise that other companies, such as Facebook, are looking to harness this success with the launch of a Snapchat competitor, Poke. In fact, Facebook’s ‘Poke’ has already been tapped into by an Israeli lingerie company to distribute a 10-second video featuring a promotional message for a sale on their website.

It may be too quick to say that Snapchat is the latest golden ticket in digital advertising, but there’s no question that the app serves as a cutting edge alternative for coupon-based promotions.