Lessons in Networking & Using Pinterest

By Lippe Taylor / Posted on 04 May 2012

Today’s post comes from Lauren Rigney, digital account coordinator at Lippe Taylor.

Recently, I decided to step up my professional game and attend a networking and educational event about Pinterest. As a member of the Lippe Taylor Digital Team, I’m always looking for fresh insight on social media, particularly to see how brands are using emerging platforms like Pinterest. I also knew it was due time to lighten the load of business cards I carry around, and this girls-only mixer hosted by WebGrrls was the perfect opportunity.

The experience reminded me of my college discussion courses. There were the same social concerns as in college – where do I sit, who do I talk to, do I look presentable (self-note: don’t sit alone, talk to anyone, yes – you look fine)? But there was also the fact that I was the youngest ‘student,’ and was sitting amidst a group of accomplished professional women rather than a group of sorority sisters.

After an informal presentation on the wonders of Pinterest, the much-anticipated mingling began. I’m an absolute beginner in the art of professional mingling, so the only advice I’ll give here is to just do it. Everyone’s there for the same reason, so just open your mouth and talk, remembering to disperse those handy business cards along the way.

While the educational part of the event was geared more towards Pinterest beginners, I did intently jot some notes, which I’m excited to share below. Overall, it was a fabulous experience and I’m all the more inspired to pin on!

  • Content on Pinterest is aspirational and inspirational.
  • If Facebook is about who you are and where you are. Pinterest is about who you want to be and where you want to be.
  • 80% of content on Pinterest is “re-pinned” content. In contrast, 5% of tweets on Twitter are “re-tweets.”
  • Your brand’s website should have a “Pin it” icon so users can easily share your content on Pinterest.
  • Never upload images to pin – pull images directly from your website to drive site traffic.
  • If you’d like a pin to appear under the “Gifts” category of Pinterest, include a dollar sign and price in the title.
  • The best time to post content on Pinterest is 2 – 4 pm EST.
  • Use Pinterest as your marketing testing ground. You can easily track which products are the most re-pinned and commented on, giving you valuable consumer insight.