Everything you need to Know About Facebook Timeline for Brands

By Lippe Taylor / Posted on 12 March 2012

Today’s post comes from the Lippe Taylor Social Media Team.

Facebook Timeline is the new Facebook layout for brand pages which all pages will begin using on March 30, 2012. The guide below will take you through the layout ‘s major changes and how to get started.

New Visual Layout

Instead of profile pictures, the top of your brand page will feature one square photo thumbnail and one large, horizontal image called the “Cover Photo.” The Cover Photo is an opportunity to post high-quality images that will immediately capture users’ attention and make a statement about the brand (diagram A).

  • A brief (three-line) About section will be displayed on the bottom left of the Cover Photo. (diagram B).
  • Applications will now live at the top of your brand page, just below the Cover Photo.
    • An icon displaying total likes and an icon to the Photo Albums page will always be on display. You can choose which two other applications you would like featured on top. Other applications can be accessed through a dropdown menu at the top of the page (diagram C).
    • Application icons will use thumbnail images, so each application can look unique.
  • Content is displayed in a chronological format, where users can easily browse page history by month and year, going as far back as the brand chooses. (diagram C). This allows brands to tell their stories through posts and images, highlighting to fans their key moments in history, such as the brand launch date.
  • Instead of welcome or landing tabs, users will automatically be taken to the page Timeline, giving users a chance to immediately see your page’s content.
  • Photos uploaded to the main page will appear larger than previously. (diagram E).This means that users’ attention will draw to posted photos and videos.

Brands will have more control and creative liberty in how they post content, including:

  • The ability to pin key posts to the top of the pages for up to 7 days, making it easier to highlight important posts (diagram F).
    • This will be particularly helpful for campaign promotions and announcements.
  • Marking specific posts as “Milestones.” Milestone posts will be displayed extra large.

Facebook page administrators (the people who manage the page) will have new tools to monitor pages and moderate fan conversations, such as:

  • A new admin panel giving a snapshot of recent page activity and key metrics.
  • The ability to privately direct message fans, which will be key for customer service support.

How to Get Started:

  • Create branded Cover Photos that will excite users and enhance the look of the page.
  • Mark significant posts as Milestones. This will be ideal for product launches, new campaigns and brand events.
  • Create a brand story timeline starting from as early as when the brand launched.
  • Post more visual content, such as images and videos.

If you’d like to see more examples of brands currently using Timeline check out these Facebook pages: People magazineToday ShowNew York TimesCoca-Cola.