Transitioning from Intern to Employee

By Lippe Taylor / Posted on 31 October 2011

Cami Clarkson, Digital Account Coordinator

Today’s blog post was written by Cami Clarkson, an account coordinator in our digital department, with help from Avia Bushyhead, our newest beauty account coordinator.

For today’s blog post, I was asked to write about my transition from Digital Intern to Digital Account Coordinator, and yet, I feel like I haven’t had one – aside from a change in location (my very own desk!), a new email (my very own name!), and health insurance (Fight Club can now commence). This is not to say I’m some social media superstar, but the work I am entrusted with and the team I am a part of are the same, a reflection of Lippe Taylor that starting from the very bottom of the totem pole you are allowed to start working, learning, and experiencing as a professional.

When asked to reflect on this change, or lack thereof, the narrative of a fairy tale comes to my mind (cheesy I know, but bear with me). I was perfectly happy at the University of Michigan for four wonderful years, then to be thrust into the cold, unforgiving world full of its troubling responsibilities like food and rent.

Then one day my boss, or was it my fairy godmother, called me in and gave me the wonderful news that every graduate girl dreams of hearing, “you’re hired.” And while these sentiments are true, I do not feel like a Cinderella and my fairy tale narrative still feels cheesy because for me this is not a happy ending but a happy beginning.

The transition from interning to employment was a moment where I felt everything falling into place. I’m in a position where I’m building the foundation for the rest of my career, wherever I may travel in the enchanted woods of life.

What makes this tale a good one is that this young girl got to work for it. To be noticed for your work is better than being noticed for your ball gown, and I have Lippe Taylor to thank for that.